With our grandfather being an Ophthalmologist (Eye Doctor), eyeglasses have always seemed to be the practical way to improve, or help eyesight.  I can honestly say we have been doing this for a lifetime.  Eye health has always been a priority in my Family.  Being told as a child about the negative effects the sun and environment can have on our eyes, it has been ingrained in us to take care of our eyes.  We are now paying it forward by simply offering QUALITY eyeglasses that will help your eyes.

We personally package up every pair of eyeglasses we sell. By trying on and inspecting every style of eyeglasses, we can determine the fit as well as the quality of each pair.  It is something we enjoy doing!  And it gives us the peace of mind knowing every pair of eyeglasses that go out the door are QUALITY! 

We base our pricing on the quality of our eyeglasses and have NO DESIRE to overprice anything.  We know economic times have taken a toll on people.  We do not want anyone to have to take out a loan to get a great pair of readers! 

At In Style Eyes, our goal is to have each and every customer be a Happy Customer and Completely Satisfied . 

We 100% guarantee you will be Happy with any pair of eyeglasses that you buy from us or feel free to return them for your money back.  We read every e-mail that comes to us about our eyeglasses and take into consideration your opinions!  We WELCOME all feedback that comes our way! 

Your happiness is what makes our business a success. 

 Amazon and Shopify power InStyleEyes.com to give You the super secure, world class shopping experience you expect and deserve.

 So please help us lead the way with safe, comfortable and stylish eyes!  

Thank you very much for your business,

Jeffrey Gakstatter
In Style Eyes LLC